Your chance to start a broadcasting career, mix your own show by joining us as a presenter.

Act on Carbon and Move it receiving their award for Best new Businesses 2012

Broadcasting from the Station Business Centre, Clowne.

Sam and Josh receive their award for Young entrepreneur of the year with their Internet business, Keolia.

Would you like to do a specialist show? Get in touch via the contact page and we can give you the training you need to produce your own show.

Chelsea Redfern Britains Got Talent finalist, performing at the Awards Dinner

Steve preparing his playlist for the show

Rosemary Adam, receives one of the four awards for best Charity fundraiser of the year.

David Lilley doing one of his live shows

How do you fancy getting behind the microphone? Send us an email via the contact page.

Will Stanton, Citizen of the year 2012, sponsored by Forever Living

Jenny thinks what to say about the next track

Lucy Moorhouse, Teacher of the year 2012. Sponsored by Act on Carbon.

Elastic FM is a community radio station created with strong support from a variety of local businesses.

Roger sets up Elastic FM studioElastic FM broadcasts a diverse mix of interesting local content both live and recorded, as well as an eclectic mix of music to appeal to all ages.

Whilst we continue to include features on local sporting activities, local events, community developments and an insight into what is happening at Heritage School, in 2013 our aim is to secure an FM broadcast licence.

If you would like to get involved with Elastic FM or benefit from one of our advertising packages, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the contact page

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